About Sushi Foods Co.

About Us

The History of Sushi Foods Co.

David is a true to heart entrepreneur. He went to UofA Tucson and put himself through school with a variety of business’, including promoting night clubs. A nightclub he bought had a kitchen. There was only one sushi bar in town and he wanted to start another. Never came to fruition, but the interest began. Say sushi without a smile.

David met the Pennsylvania girl he fell in love with and brought her back to San Diego upon graduation. They did a brief stint of venue promotions, but the passion for sushi persisted.

David met his mentor Takeo Sakakibara. Takeo owned Ocean Harvest, the seafood and sushi product company that supplied 90% of the sushi bars in San Diego county. Takeo took David under his wing and taught him everything about the business end of sushi and sushi seafood.

Sushi Specialties was started in 1994 The company was literally the first to supply mass distribution of fresh daily sushi bento boxes in San Diego and Orange counties. Five chefs worked Monday thru Saturday making 650 trays per day. Sushi was sold to markets, introduced to college cafes, hospital cafes, office buildings, etc. Sushi bar quality product no less.

Catering came shortly after. People started coming to the commercial kitchen and wanting sushi for their parties. Then hotels, golf courses, college events, Olympic Training Center - and anything else you can think of - were viable options for top shelf sushi catering.

In 1997 the company name was changed to Sushi Foods Co. to allow for more diversification. Catering has always been the forte, but many avenues existed. David has always been a proponent of taking sushi to the people, instead of owning a sushi bar.

Candice and David have done everything you can think of regarding sushi other than their own brick and mortar bar. Sushi Foods Co. shipped airline containers of hand picked seafood and product to many sushi bars in different states that did not have local sushi distributors. Arizona, Maine, Louisiana, Alabama, New Mexico, New York, Vermont, etc, etc. They coached the proprietors how to do sushi correctly.

Beyond the states, Sushi Foods Co. sent containers of seafood and product to Ukraine, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, Argentina, etc, etc. Once again, coached the foreign proprietors how to do sushi in the best way possible, including utilizing their local products.

David has also been contracted to open several very successful sushi bars on behalf of the building owners. Setting the menu, placing the best chefs available and supplying with only the highest grade of sushi products.

With all of the history, Sushi Foods Co. has evolved into the very best sushi catering company in So Cal. The majority of start up sushi caterers have been chefs that have worked for Sushi Foods Co. in the past.

Speaking of sushi chefs, the current staff of sushi pros have been with Sushi Foods for at least 7 years. Company loyalty, loving what they do and appreciation make them top sushi chefs. The chefs are more than ready to impress you and your guests.

David and Candice know what side of the sushi bar to stand on and that’s the business end to make sure your event is perfect. The chefs are just a phone call away to do the job they love for your next special event.

The list of VIP clients that have been serviced is impressive and extensive. However, it does matter who you are or how little or many people you have, Sushi Foods Co. will perform beyond your expectations.